Do you need further information on any of the                              following subjects?


EN1317  (all parts)     IRRRS             NPSBS                     TD19/06                    RRRAP Assessments

MASH                             Sector Scheme 2B & 10                      NCHRP350                    SHW Series 400

Technical Reporting              Evaluation to EN1317 Part 5                           Quality Assurance

Workzone Safety                  Parapet Inspections                           Crash Cushions          P4 Terminals

Cast in and Drilled Anchorage          Technical Advice      Foundation design & site testing

Design Certification                         Product Identification                              End Treatments

RTC Damage Assessment                  Asset Management Surveys        RRS replacement designs

Legal Responsibility                                Technical Training               Parapet Inspection & reporting

Construction Photographs    Marketing & Web site photography   Security Fencing Inspection

RTC Inspection & Reporting           RTC Expert Witness              Off highway design solutions

                                                                                                    If so, Barrier Matters can assist